New York Yankees Acquire Ellsbury & McCann

The New York Yankees went on a spending spree and acquired Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann, and Carlos Beltran.  Ellsbury will play center in an outfield that includes Beltran in right and Brett Gardner in left.  The Ellsbury deal is expected to cost the Yankees $153 million over seven years.  The Beltran acquisition is expected to add another $45 million to the Yankees payroll over the next three years.

Brian McCann gives the Yankees a solid left-handed hitter and will likely have success in Yankee stadium.  The right field porch in Yankee stadium is well suited for McCann.  McCann has had six straight seasons with 20 or more home runs.  The McCann deal was announced to be worth $85 million over five years with $15 million more in incentives.  In addition, the Yankees added second baseman Brian Roberts and left handed reliever Matt Thornton.

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Jim Sutliff

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